Innovative compression solutions for efficient hydrogen mobility
Cosmhyc News:

Third COSMHYC Partners Meeting in Karlsruhe

For the third time in the course of the project, the COSMHYC partners met in Karlsruhe from 26th to 27th February 2018 to discuss the current state of developments and decide on future steps.

Technicians from EIFER and MAHYTEC presented the results of their work, delivering on an optimized compression solution for hydrogen filling stations. The discussions dwelled on the preparation of the next steps that will among others forsee the integrated testing of the COSMHYC innovative compression solution. Since first singular tests of components yielded positive results, the consortium partners are optimistic that COSMHYC will achieve its goals of making the compression process more efficient and less noisy. Altogether, the technical improvements developed within COSMHYC will further reduce the costs of hydrogen at the nozzle.       

A highlight of the partner meeting therefore was the visit of the newly opened hydrogen filling station in Karlsruhe-Süd. The public station, which is operated by TOTAL, is the world’s first to produce hydrogen on-site with a steam electrolysis plant. To split water into hydrogen and oxygen the plant uses the energy of several solar panels, which are installed on top of the station. The steam electrolyser, developed by EIFER, operates on very high temperatures of up to 850°C. Since it can supply the required energy in form of heat the electrolyser achieves significantly higher electrical efficiencies than compared to low-temperature electrolysers (also see press release on the station).

The EIFER-team gave the COSMHYC partners a short tour of the station, explaining in detail the functioning of the electrolyser.   

David Colomar from EIFER, project coordinator of COSMHYC, explaining how to refill a FCEV with hydrogen

The COSMHYC Consortium in front of the steam electrolysis plant